Travel is fun and exciting and I’m here to make it even more pleasurable.  Hopefully you are following my Travel Series and you are a step ahead!  So what you don’t want to stress about is being comfortable.  Most flights these days are not non-stop so you will be making a connection somewhere.  When you land within minutes of your connecting flight you’ll need to hustle to your next gate so I’m going to help you get there without breaking a leg and still look oh so good. I have traveled the world and know just a little about the “to do’s” and the “please don’ts”!  I have traveled in two capacities one as a flight attendant and one as a producer of a travel show (which is basically as a passenger) so I know both sides of this coin per se.  My time on the ground in airports of the world is as extensive as my time at 35,000 feet.

What you wear means a lot believe it or not.  It can mean the difference between wiggling around in a small airplane seat trying to get comfortable and sitting in that dreaded middle seat like you own it!  The one thing I think most of us can agree on is this, don’t wear pajamas.  There I said it.  If you’ve traveled you have seen this horrible fashion faux pas.  It’s awful.  You can however, be as comfortable as if you were wearing PJ’s!

First of all airports and planes are used extensively and are not always the cleanest (I’m being nice).  So wear black!  Black comfortable pants like leggings and a simple black long sleeved top (it will be cold on the plane trust me) add a sweater or jacket if you like, but keep them compact.  Now the fun part,  here’s where you add some color and personality.  Punch it up with some cute comfy flats (keep those stilettos in your carry on for when you arrive)….

*Important addition.  To add a layer of warmth, and more color and personality.  A really cute blanket scarf (it can double as a little pillow if you need it)…

Your personal carry on (you normally are allowed 2 carry-ons), one should be a nice size tote that zips (so nothing inadvertently falls out!).  Remember I’m speaking from experience here…..things fall out and you don’t want to lose your phone with all the wonderful pictures of Switzerland on it!  This tote should carry your iPad or laptop, magazine or book, your snacks and an empty drink container, a small makeup bag for touch ups when you arrive, a SMALL little purse, just big enough for your wallet and bare necessities (cross body is best).  Your tote will need a nice handy pocket for your travel papers (passport, boarding pass).  This tote should fit nicely on top of your small roller board so you do not have to carry anything, it can all be rolled along behind or beside you.  Remember comfort is key here but the beauty is you can have both comfort and style quite easily.

Finish this off with a cute pair of small earrings and a watch.  That is it, NO MORE, NO LESS.  Please save all your adorable bangles and long lariat necklaces for after you arrive.  This will keep you comfy and looking good.  When you get to the plane you’ll be ready to “curl up” and sleep, watch a good movie on your iPad, eat the snacks you brought, read Amare Magazine(then share it with your neighbor)!

These recommendations should get you through the airport with ease, on to the plane with comfort, and to your destination looking effortlessly gorgeous!  And if you read my article on Travel Do’s And Don’ts, and you signed up for tsa precheck even better!  It only costs $85 and lasts 5 years!  There are other programs as well, check them all out here www.tsa.gov.   You will thank me because you will go through a much more pleasant and faster security line!  You remove nothing from your person (not even shoes!)  and nothing from your bag (not even liquids!).

Patti Broughton

~We travel not to escape life but so life doesn’t escape us~