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Phuket Thailand, So Much More Than A Destination…

By Patricia Broughton

The beautifully intriguing Island of Phuket is centered around the 147 ft. pure white statue of ‘Big Buddha’. Undoubtedly the most Zen place in the world, a place you can go, feel at peace and receive blessings over you from the monks that surround this massive statue.

The island positioned at the bottom of Thailand in the Andaman Sea offers incredibly white sandy beaches that call out to you and provide the clearest water imaginable which makes snorkeling one of the Islands move favored activities. Whether you desire to lay back with a cocktail in hand enjoying the sights from a lounge chair or partying hard at night, Phuket Thailand is waiting to deliver.

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The cuisine of Thailand is one of my personal favorites. Dishes like Tom Yam Kung, a quintessential Thai soup, is often served blisteringly hot (just the way I like it). Noodles are more frequently served and eaten at the street stalls that specialize in Thai noodle dishes. The delish sauces are a combination of sour, bitter, sweet, salty, and heat, heat, and more heat! All the different regions have their own specialties so no matter where you go you are able to enjoy all the beautiful flavors that are Thailand.

Thailand is a special and memorable place to visit and the people are known for their kindness and humbleness and truly want you to enjoy their beautiful country. They provide an experience that you will not soon forget. Move Thailand up to the top of your list of places to visit.

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