Paris Eiffel at night.jpg

Paris, The City of Love

By: Patricia Broughton

A city for lovers and for lovers of the city.  No matter your desire, if to find love or simply to explore, Paris is your playground.  This enchanted city is drenched in history, art, and culture and is a walkable city, where your senses will be driven mad with desire. Take it all in, the fragrance of pâtisserie as you venture past a beautiful cafe, the people as you observe them from your table over a cup of espresso, the visions of architecture so massive and yet so intricate with detail. Make this your Paris, the Paris that speaks to you, the one that invites you to be a part of it.

From my experience a wonderful way to fall in love with a city is to become part of that city, do not limit yourself to being just another tourist. One glorious way to feel like you belong is to take a walk along the Seine which flows to the English Channel and is a lovely symbol of  Parisian Romance. As you stroll the banks you will find it a delightful setting to relax with a glass of wine or enjoy the locals playing the guitar all while savoring good food and good friends. Appreciate the artists as they use their chalk and pencil to capture the fantastique scenery around them. What a better way to experience the ‘City of Love’ than in this intimate way.

By day or by night the Eiffel tower will most certainly take your breath away, this spectacular wrought iron lattice tower on the Champ de Mars can be seen from almost any vantage point in Paris. Enjoy a baguette and bottle of wine on the lawn or venture up to the top and share an unfading moment with that special someone. But a true beauty to behold is the Eiffel Tower at night, with thousands of glittering lights that illuminate the skyline as she is dressed to impress.

Current Paris Seine.jpg

Please don’t pass up the chance to see the Mur des je t’aime ~ ‘The Wall of Love’ there you will find 250 languages all expressing the same sentiment “I love you”. Throughout the wall those splashes of red you see, those represent a broken heart and if gathered together would form a full heart. What could possibly be more romantic?

Fill your days and nights as you adventure with a loved one down cobbled streets, small alleys, delightful shops, exquisite cuisine, boat rides and all the charm that is your Paris, the one you created, the one you will remember for a lifetime.