By Melinda Garcia

Impressions Vanity Co. is a relatively new company that is taking the beauty industry by storm.  Founded in December 2014, the company specializes in “all things related to glam room and makeup lighting.”  In just a few years of existence, the company is constantly moving forward and expanding its creative innovations with state-of-the-art technology.

Impressions Vanity (IP) has several unique series of products that can be mixed and matched, or purchased individually.  For example, their SlayStation™ Vanity Table and Tabletop Series products can be integrated easily and effortlessly with products from their Hollywood Glow™ Vanity Mirror Series.  They also have the Alexa™ Makeup Drawer Organizers and Touch Pro™ Bluetooth-Enabled LED Makeup Mirror as well.  Another popular product is their portable Vanity Slaycase.

Perhaps one of the most innovative and impressive products that IP has come out with is their GlowMe™ LED Selfie Ring Light that can be clipped on to mobile devices and laptops.  No more dark selfies or videos as the GlowMe™ LED Selfie Ring Light provides great lighting for quality shots.  This product is rechargeable and easy-to-use. Each GlowMe Selflie Light has four brightness levels (as if you need more!) and also comes in a couple cute different color options ranging from cream, sakura pink, and black! (I’ll take all three, please!)

What’s also unique about IP products is that they are easily recognizable whether at a beauty industry convention, retail store, salon, or school.  Their products have a signature modern look that’s sleek and clean with a certain elegant simplicity.

As of 2016, IP opened its first retail space spanning 3,500 square feet showcasing “all things vanity.”  It is open, not just to beauty insiders, but to the public as well.

For more information, go to:

Facebook:  @ImpressionsVanity

Instagram:  @impressionsvanity