If you are a makeup artist in need of reliable, high-quality airbrush tools at an affordable price, Graftobian Makeup Co. has the perfect solution for you. Graftobian’s GlamAire™ Beauty Set is an impressive value pack that consists of their Walk-Around System airbrush makeup kit (cleansing fluid included), GlamAire™ Sampler Packs (HD makeup), and a DVD titled, HD Makeup 101.

The Walk-Around System airbrush makeup kit is easy to assemble, simple to use, and best of all, it is fully portable (it comes with a rechargeable/detachable battery). The airbrush kit is available in glossy black, glossy hot pink, and glossy leopard print. The GlamAire™ Sampler Packs consist of 15 different shades of HD makeup creams (cool tones, warm tones, and neutral tones) along with 15 matching HD airbrush liquids. The HD Makeup 101 DVD teaches the ABC’s of using the entire GlamAire™ Beauty Set. Each shade of  the GlamAire HD airbrush makeup is also available in  HD Glamour Creme Foundation! This allows artists to use both types on the same client when necessary without having to try to match shades by hand. Also, you can purchase each foundation bottle separately for $20 a bottle.


The GlamAire™ Beauty Set starts at $299 andcan be used to apply makeup for special events, editorial photo shoots, film and television productions, and fashion shows without having to worry about the hassle of plugging and unplugging the electrical cord. The entire system makes makeup applications easy, effortless, and efficient; The end results are long-lasting and flawless. 


Graftobian Makeup Co. offers all types of makeup and hair products. All of their products are made in the United States and they do not test on animals. In addition, they distribute worldwide. While Graftobian does not have a retail store that you can physically go to, they do have an amazing website and online store. Please visit them at: For more info on the GlamAire™ Beauty Set, please go to: